Most of the information you may be looking for can be found on the links in the front page. But I can give you some extra random info here.

I love comicbooks, any comicbook: Marvel, DC, Image, independent publishers, fan art, etc (who cares), huge fan of a lot of (some may call) mainstream and independent artists. In summary I love the format, it’s something that personally I’ve thought it has been disregarded as an art form very unfairly. And in the world of comics, sometimes I’ve felt artists have been moved to a secondary role in the creative process in favor of the writers, where I think both have a similar impact in the result.

I love engineering, specially software engineering. I love programming, I love trying and learning new stuff, which may seem odd, as I was a pretty bad student when I was in school. This is definitively a good proof that you have to find your passion in life and pursue it (hopefully being something that can give you a decent rent for not starving).

I love music. Almost all kind of music. I tried to list the genres I love, and after writing and deleting a lot of times an impossible list that would be fair with my own music passions, I decided to summarize it in I just love music. You can ask me which is my favourite band or song and you will have a different answer every week.

Finally I love my two kids. With passion, more than music, engineering or comicbooks.