Most of the information you may be looking for can be found on the links in the front page. But I can give you some extra random info here.

I love comicbooks, any comicbook: Marvel, DC, Image, independent publishers, fan art, etc (who cares), I’m a huge fan of a lot of (some may call) mainstream and independent artists, not going to list them all because that would be an ever expanding list. In summary I love the format, which I think it has been unfairly considered as a minor art form. Speaking of unfairness, within the world of comics sometimes I’ve felt artists have been moved to a secondary role in the recognition of the creative process in favor of the writers, where I think both have a similar impact in the result.

I love engineering, specially software engineering. I love coding, I love trying and learning new stuff, which may seem odd as I was a pretty bad student when I was in school. This is definitively a good proof that you have to find your passion in life and pursue it (hopefully something that can give you a wage decent enough for not starving).

I love music, almost all kind of music. I tried to list all the genres I love here, but after many attempts I realized it is impossible to limit them into a list that would be fair to my own music passions, so I decided to summarize it in I just love music. You can ask me which is my favourite band or song and you will have a different answer every week, every day, every hour.

Finally I love my two kids. With passion, more than music, engineering or comicbooks.